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Based in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia. We serve the Malaysian and South East Asian market.

Our Nitrogen Generators, Oxygen Generators and Hydrogen Generators installed inside your factory can help you to produce these gases to lower your factory operation costs. Ensure uninterrupted production, by training you to operate these gas generators to match the actual factory requirements.

Air is free. Read that again. AIR IS FREE! Its not everyday your factory gets free raw material. Air is mainly comprised of 79% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen.

When you make your own gas, you are not paying for the gas [which is free], but only paying for electricity and maintenance. Your monthly bill may reduce by 20%, 30% or even as much as 90% compared to buying the gas.
To know how much the gas will cost you.

But, if you buy the gas, you are paying for the gas and also paying for each step of the process, ie cryogenic separation, cryogenic storage at very low temperatures, long pipelines, delivery by specialized drivers, monthly meterized billing, etc etc.

You end up paying a lot more because there are many levels before you can use the gases.

We Supply

Nitrogen Gas

Oxygen Gas

Hydrogen Gas

Oxygen Concentrators


Through our years of experience, we promise the quality of our services, the best price, the best choice, product knowledge and understanding specific needs of our customers. 

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Let us know what gases you need.

We will get back to you with potential yearly savings, from thousands to as much as millions in RM [Ringgit Malaysia].

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