About Us

About Us

Nitroxygen Gases Sdn Bhd, formed in 2011, has been serving the nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen gas generation industry in Malaysia and South East Asia. We provide Nitrogen Generators, Oxygen Generators and Hydrogen Generators. These systems have helped our clients achieve significant cost savings in many industries.

You have come to the right place. Our experienced team can help you achieve these objectives, once we do a joint feasibility study. We supply the equipment, and more importantly the expertise to give you a well-designed system, easy to operate and maintain.

Gases available:

Nitrogen [1 – 2,000 Nm3/h flowrate; 95 to 99.999% purity; 5 to 8 bar pressure]

Oxygen [1 – 500 Nm3/h flowrate; 90 to 95% purity; 3 to 7 bar pressure]

Hydrogen [1 – 500 Nm3/h flowrate; 99.9% to 99.999% purity; 5 to 7 bar pressure]

For flowrates, purity and pressure that is higher or lower than the range given, please let us know the exact requirement.

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